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Find bugs and 0-day vulnerabilities

FuzzLabs utilizes negative testing, also called fuzz testing, to discover unknown vulnerabilities and bugs in software. FuzzLabs generates a vast amount of specially-crafted test data and feeds it to the target under test to trigger unintended behavior.

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Custom / Proprietary

Specialized in Testing Custom/Proprietary

Even products and software built on top of industry standards have a thick custom and proprietary layer, where most bugs and vulnerabilities live. Extend and customize FuzzLabs easily to efficiently test these layers.

Simple Deployment

Deploy a complete fuzz testing infrastructure under 10 minutes just by executing a single shell script.

Powerful Test Case Generation

Generation-based, mutation-based and hybrid test case generation. Start testing quickly and improve your test configuration over time by adopting an agile, maturity-based testing approach.

No | Low Code

The visual test case designer gets you up to speed quickly and reduces the likelihood of errors by eliminating the need to write code.


FuzzLabs enables cybersecurity, quality assurance and development teams and team members to work together and share resources efficiently.

Extend and Customize

Testing custom/proprietary requires a high level of adaptability. The unparalleled flexibility and extensibility of FuzzLabs enable you to build on strong foundations.

Scale and Integrate

Test targets simultaneously and distribute test cases across multiple targets to reduce the overall test run time. Integrate into the CI/CD pipeline and with automation frameworks using the API (HTTPS).

  • Identified several Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities
  • Over 20% reduction in testing time
  • Improved Client NPS Scores from“Good” to “Excellent”

“We were really impressed by how accessible FuzzLabs makes this kind of automated security testing. FuzzLabs brings the expertise of a team of experienced vulnerability researchers into the hands of developers, security analysts, and system administrators looking to integrate fuzz testing into their toolkits.”

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FuzzLabs in the PDLC

FuzzLabs is the perfect choice for product security and quality assurance teams working with a heterogeneous product landscape looking to improve security and reliability by integrating fuzz testing into the product development lifecycle.

Security Services Providers

FuzzLabs is an ideal choice for security professionals as it enables collaboration, adapts to the ever changing landscape, and it was built to efficiently test custom/proprietary products, protocols and complex environments in a black-box/grey-box fashion.