The installer bundle contains a Personal license that allows using GUARDARA with a limited feature set for non-commercial use only. Businesses can request a 2 weeks Professional or Business trial license for free via

Welcome to GUARDARA!

GUARDARA is a comprehensive dynamic testing tool to find bugs and zero-day vulnerabilities in custom/proprietary products, protocols, web services and web applications, and complex environments. It enables cybersecurity, quality assurance, and development teams and team members to work together and share resources more efficiently.

How it Works

GUARDARA utilizes negative testing, the most efficient form of dynamic testing to identify yet unknown vulnerabilities and bugs in software. GUARDARA dynamically generates specially crafted test cases using a complex network of algorithms to trigger unintended behavior within the target under test. Unintended behavior can be a wide variety of things, such as different kinds of zero-day vulnerabilities, resource exhaustion, unexpected edge cases, unhandled exceptions, and component interoperability issues. Common between these issues is their negative impact on confidentiality, integrity, availability, or all of these combined. GUARDARA tests products from the perspective of a malicious outsider and works based on information that can be observe without having access to the source code.

If you are interested to learn under what conditions a product breaks or behaves in an anomalous way, GUARDARA is the perfect tool for you.

Getting Started

If you are new to GUARDARA and looking for a quick way to get started, we recommend following the Quick Start guide to run some tests to get a feel of working with GUARDARA, and find a few real-life vulnerabilities quickly.

If you are already familiar with GUARDARA, depending on what you are looking for, you may want to have a look at the:

Support and Reporting Bugs

Bugs can be submitted using the Support accessible from the main menu.

Professional and Business license users can request support on their dedicated Discord channel.

Feel free to join our community Discord channel by clicking on the Discord button below if you need help or just want to hang out. Make sure to send a DM to Zsolt Imre#2298 so we can set up permissions to access the channel.