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Templates / Messages / Transforms

Transforms perform transformations on the mutated value of fields, including groups. Transforms can be applied to any fields within the Message Template Designer when creating or modifying fields. Fields can have any number of transforms attached.

The table below summarises the transforms supported by default.

Transform Description
Base64 Encode Base64 encodes the value generated by the fields.
Hex String Encodes value generated by the field into a hex string.
Unicode Encodes into a Unicode string.
URL Encode URL encodes value generated by the field.
Zlib Compression Compresses the value generated by the field using Zlib.
IP Address to Binary Encodes an IP address (e.g.: to its binary form (e.g.: \x7f\x00\x00\x01).
MAC Address to Binary Encodes a MAC address to its binary form.
IPv4 Checksum Calculates the IPv4 checksum of the group the transform is applied to.
Date Format Generates valid, up-to-date date/time string fields by assigning the transform to a Timestamp field.
Zero Fill Prepends a field’s value with zeros (ASCII ‘0’).

Custom Transforms can be implemented using the SDK.

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