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Authentication Providers

This feature is currently in BETA

GUARDARA allows delegating user management and authentication to an external service. Integration with such external systems can be done from the General tab of the Settings page by expanding Authentication Providers.

Microsoft Active Directory

The Microsoft Active Directory specific configuration options are discussed in the table below.

Option Description
URL The URL of the Active Directory, for example: ldap://hostname, or using LDAP over TLS ldaps://hostname.
Base DN The base DN to use, for example: dc=guardara,dc=local.
Username The name of the user that can bind to LDAP and perform user and group lookup operations.
Password The password of the user.

When the URL specifies the use of LDAP over TLS (ldaps://) it is required to provide the CA certificate, a client certificate and the related private key. Please note, these credentials must be in PEM format.

Active Directory Configuration

GUARDARA defines 2 built-in roles that can be assigned to user accounts, these are:

  • Administrator: Allows to perform any operation within GUARDARA
  • User: Allows to perform common actions required to configure and run tests.

To manage these two group of users from Active Directory two groups, namely guardara-admins and guardara-users must be created. A user assigned to any of these groups will be able to log in to GUARDARA with the the appropriate role assigned.


Delegating user management and authentication to Microsoft Active Directory has certain limitations at the moment, these are:

  • Assigning custom GUARDARA roles to users managed via Active Directory is not supported
  • Custom AD group names are not supported

The above mentioned limitations will be addressed by a future release of GUARDARA.

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