Quick, Scalable, Efficient

Set up a complete fuzzing environment capable of operating at enterprise-scale within 10 minutes. FuzzLabs will continue saving you hours, days, or even weeks after then.


Set up a complete fuzzing environment capable of operating at an enterprise-scale within 10 minutes. Deploy Attack Simulation Engines across the enterprise in different test labs or networks and find critical vulnerabilities in custom/proprietary products.

Management Interface

Manage the entire deployment via the web-based, multi-user management interface, a must-have prerequisite for a centralized product security team. It is packed with features, such as the Visual Protocol Modeler, that will continue to save you hours, days, or even weeks.

Attack Simulation Engine

The Attack Simulation Engine (ASE) is the component of FuzzLabs that performs the test case generation and delivery and target monitoring. Each ASE deployed is capable of testing multiple targets at the same time. The generated test cases can be distributed between copies of the same target to reduce the overall test run time.


FuzzLabs exploits the latest technologies’ benefits to provide a secure, scalable architecture that can be easily integrated into any environment. FuzzLabs is an on-premise product to drastically reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access to sensitive vulnerability details.