FuzzLabs is the most comprehensive
fuzzer to find bugs and zero-day vulnerabilities in custom/proprietary products, protocols, and complex environments.

Increase Product Security
and Reliability

FuzzLabs helps automate 0-day vulnerability and bug hunting in custom or proprietary products while drastically reducing the tedious manual work required.

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Simple, Efficient and

FuzzLabs enables cybersecurity, quality assurance and development teams and team members to work together and share resources more efficiently.

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Integral Part of the
Development Lifecycle

With FuzzLabs fuzz testing can be easily integrated into the product development lifecycle.

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Test like your adversaries

FuzzLabs feeds the product under tests with a vast amount of unexpected data to trigger and identify unintended behavior, such as zero-day vulnerabilities, generic software bugs, edge cases, and component interoperability issues.

Test with Ease

Deploy a complete fuzz testing infrastructure under 10 minutes and get difficult and time consuming tasks done quickly and easily using an amazing multi-user web interface.

Fuzz in the Flow

FuzzLabs provides an API over a secure channel (HTTPS) to easily integrate into the CI/CD pipeline and with automation frameworks and other software.

Build Your Own Fuzzer

Every product is different, which requires a high level of adaptability from a fuzz testing solution. Instead of building your own fuzzer from scratch, FuzzLabs's unparalleled flexibility and extensibility enable you to build on strong foundations efficiently.

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FuzzLabs in the PDLC

FuzzLabs is the perfect choice for product security and quality assurance teams working with a heterogenous product landscape looking to improve security and reliability by integrating fuzz testing into the product development lifecycle.

Security Services Providers

FuzzLabs is an ideal choice for security professionals as it enables collaboration, adapts to the ever changing landscape, and it was built to efficiently test custom/proprietary products in a black-box/grey-box fashion.